Our special guests this episode are filmmakers, Comika Hartford and Liz Anderson. Over mimosas we try our best to analyze vegan nut cheese, compete in a Rod Serling impersonation competition and occasionally discuss their upcoming horror series, The Grey Area!

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**Also, Winona Ryder if you’re listening, Liz has a job for you!

Elly Westberg_small imageEllen Westberg, writer, web series producer and the straight half of the Gay Asian Straight Caucasian Alliance (known for their famous one joke stand-up act) stopped by the studio to tell us a few scandalous stories and to of course drink a few pops!

If you’ve listened to any of our previous episodes then you’ve most likely heard Therese talking about pops. In this episode, Elly and Therese go into a more detailed description of their co-created drink go-to’s and how it deserves the limelight of the bar scene.

*Elly’s recent screenplay was entered into Meryl Streep’s Women-Over-40 contest where she placed as a semifinalist – top 26 out of 1000 entries!


This graph illustrates the breakdown of a Pop and Camaraderie compared to a standard shot.