What is this?

The Flip Out Radio podcast is created by and hosted by Cathy Spicer-Sitzes and Therese Garcia. The show is an audio experiment where the hosts will ramble on about relationships, sex and life in general. They claim to be experts on none of these topics, but masters at finding the humor and heart in most everything. Episodes will feature women-identified folks, femmes, queers and/or gender non-conforming badasses who are redefining film, music, comedy, art and life in general. Mixed into this salad bowl there will be storytelling moments, interviews and the occasional singing off key.

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Cathy Spicer-Sitzes

Cathy Spicer-Sitzes

Host / Producer

Cathy is the co-host, producer and editor of Flip Out Radio. She’s also a local Bay Area indie filmmaker/editor and the producer of the social justice podcast, Synergy Airwaves. In her free time she’s a volunteer videographer for local Bay Area non-profits.

In case you were wondering, all she really wants to do is go camping at Big Sur and sleep in on the weekends.

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Therese Garcia

Therese Garcia


Therese is the co-host of Flip Out Radio. She’s also a comedian – hosting several events around the Bay Area and an actor – starring in several indie film and web series projects: Dyke Central, Throw Like a Girl, This Time Will Be Different, and the upcoming The Grey Area.

Fun Fact: Therese is an ordained minister. Book her for your next wedding!